How Empiria Greece Works

This is how it works

Empiria Greece platform is a multi-tool website that promotes and supports Greek businesses, building the first Greek inclusive online market. In Empiria Greece, local Greek communities along with non-greeks will have the opportunity to explore Greek services, buy Greek products, learn important facts about Greece, get the information they need and get the experience at their local convenience.

Visit Empiria Greece multi-platform and…
  • Learn about Greek Culture 
  • Choose your location or the place you want to visit
  • Search for Greek services and products or get information
  • Browse the platform to find simple or featured listings 
  • Book appointments 
  • Buy event tickets
  • Visit our Empiria online Mall to explore Greek stores 
  • Browse our Travel Category and organize your next trip to Greece 
  • Support, donate or volunteer for a Greek non-profit Organization
  • Enjoy Greek Empiria!
Become a Member (available soon) and…
  • Be an active reviewer of our businesses
  • Earn special badges
  • Get coupons, discounts and special offers 
  • Learn first about our breaking news
  • Get points and rewards
  • Redeem your points to your favorite stores
  • Join the Empiria Greece vision in promoting the Greek cultural spirit!
  • On Empiria Greece, our vision is to support the Greek local communities and organizations by making them more accessible and user-friendly to 
  •    donations and volunteer support.
  • We provide you a free account with special features including announcements, events and a check-out option to accept donations.
  • ◊ You can also add special annoucements and calls for volunteers and special requests according to your needs. 
  • Submit your application on the “Apply for a Non-Profit” page.
  • Claim your listing
  • Choose one of our promo plans
  • Be part of the Empiria family with your products and services
  • Book appointments with your customers
  • Customize and maintain your own Dashboard
  • Promote to Empiria users the Greek culture and professionalism
  • Go to the “List your Business” page to find out more and take your business to another level.
Get the opportunity to join the Empiria business family to… 
  • Create an e-shop on Empiria Online Mall 
    Expand your existing market
    Integrate your existing e-shop on Empiria Online Mall
    Feature your products
    Give away special offers and coupons to loyal Empiria members
    Approach a unique audience that cares for what you have to sell
    Visit the “Empiria Online Mall” page and register your store today!

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We will do whatever we can to fulfill your expectations and your user experience.