About Us

About us

“Passion For All Things Cultural”

Empiria is a Greek word, meaning experience through process and sensation.

Our Mission

To open up Greek culture, make it accessible to everyone globally, and be able to experience greek products and services at their local communities, through the biggest online cultural platform in the world.

Our Vision

To urge every citizen of the world to experience and become an ambassador of local cultures globally.

Our Values

We believe in cultural diversity & inclusion. Ethnic identities are root values providing guiding structure in communities and are worthy of respect and embracement.

Our Story

Empiria Project is an idea conceived by Greek immigrants in Canada. 

Missing our homeland Greece,  after many interactions with other cultures and the hard hit of the Covid-19 pandemic,

 we realized the need to experience Greece locally, now more than ever. 

Moreover, the travel bans in effect are retaining boundaries for everyone planning to visit Greece. 
It’s a fact that ethnic communities have limited interactions with other cultures. 

Many recent studies have shown that multicultural countries embrace diversity but they are still struggling with inclusion.